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Welcome to TREND BOARDS! 

For years the hair service menus have remained stagnant. We expect clients to understand our techniques as services. Instead of the selling end results. 


Trends, technology & lifestyle have evolved. It is vital that hairdressers are at the forefront of delivering a service that clients can relate to. 


With this concept we can change the way we sell the end result not the technique. Changing the terminology from hairdresser to clients. 

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Using TREND BOARDS to think about an endless possibility of cut & colour options, not only brings life and emotion to each hair style, but also keeps you on track of “what’s hot and how we can sell it”. 

“ At Cobella salon, I’ve found personalising and branding our services very useful.


We change our colour menu every six months and create new seasonal services inspired by latest fashion and interior colour trends.


I’m a true believer in finding inspiration from outside your industry. I find it keeps your work unique, current and creates really powerful stories.” 

Jordanna Cobella 


Bi-annually (Jan & June) designed in line with what’s up and coming for hair trends.


Be the first to understand and share this with clients. With an add on-service for online or in-person education from founder JORDANNA COBELLA.

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I’m a paragraph. Double click

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